Urdu Phonology: Understanding And Analysis


  • Dr. Abdul Sattar Malik




Phonology, Phonemics, Syllable, Minimal Pair, Segmental and Suprasegmental Units


Phonology studies the cross sounds of a particular language, e.g., Arabic, Urdu, English, etc. Every language has a special system of sounds, and it has some rules and regulations. Phonology deals with the principles and techniques used to identify the distinctive sounds or phonemes used in a language and to use sounds in a systematic way to form words and phrases. The variations that occur are explained. If a language or dialect is to be established or alphabetized, the phonemic principles and techniques of that language or dialect are explored.  In this research paper, the basic concepts, principles, and techniques of phonology have been studied in the context of Urdu.



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Dr. Abdul Sattar Malik. (2023). Urdu Phonology: Understanding And Analysis. Dareecha-E-Tahqeeq, 4(4), 24–28. https://doi.org/10.58760/dareechaetahqeeq.v4i4.145