"Zahra Nigha's Poetry Is A Metaphor Of Literary Civilization


  • Dr. Shazia Razzaq
  • Shabeena Ramzan




modernism, loneliness, feminism, nature, Zehra, Nigah


Zehra Nigah is a prominent poet from Pakistan with distinct style and voice. She is modernist who also inspired by classical traditions of urdu poetry. She is infact well known because of her feministic approach. She pointed out social exploitation which every women faces every day. She wrote powerful poems on topics such as terrorism, globalization, street children, drug abuse and death with softness. She is poet who is feminine without being feminist, with gender issues finding a place in her vast canvas of concerns. She wants to gain that status for women which is captured by patriarchal system.  This article is an attempt to describe Zehra Nigah’s point of view about love, nature, life, death, justice, feelings, nostalgia, feminism, social and political issues.



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Dr. Shazia Razzaq, & Shabeena Ramzan. (2023). "Zahra Nigha’s Poetry Is A Metaphor Of Literary Civilization. Dareecha-E-Tahqeeq, 4(4), 60–66. https://doi.org/10.58760/dareechaetahqeeq.v4i4.150