A Review Of The Effects Of Colonialism On Urdu Language And Literature.:


  • Dr. Naila Abdul Karim
  • Dr. Qamar Abbas
  • Saira Bano




language and literature۔, Definition of language, importance and impact of colonialism , subcontinent's culture , examined.


The settler made the people of the subcontinent believe that the best language is only English. Only its speakers can be civilized۔ The settlers introduced the English language in Bar-e-Sagheer under a special thought and concern. Even the rest of the languages came to be despised and their speakers looked withevil down upon,۔ here the dual system of education started in the subcontinent. And two classes were born. One was the English-reading class and the other was the class learning in local languages۔ And the English-reading class started to be honored. In this paper, apart from the  language and literature, the motivations due to which the Urdu education system did not get the importance, it needed for the development of the subcontinent's culture have been examined.



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Dr. Naila Abdul Karim, Dr. Qamar Abbas, & Saira Bano. (2024). A Review Of The Effects Of Colonialism On Urdu Language And Literature.:. Dareecha-e-Tahqeeq, 5(2), 1–7. https://doi.org/10.58760/dareecha-e-tahqeeq.v5i2.166

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