Abnormal Characters In Urdu Short Stories Of 21st Century


  • Gohar Aageen
  • Dr. Shazia Razzaq




Abnormality and disability have become particularly prominent issues today. Now it is not a flaw or defect, but it is a matter of global attention. Efforts are being made to solve the issues related to the lives of such people at the global level and bring them to the fore. In Urdu fiction, such characters have also been presented. The fiction writer of the 21st century describes the problems associated with the lives of these people in diverse ways and closes their impact on society, so that the Practical and ideological changes in society can be covered .This  article is based on all those stories which are about the lives of abnormal and disable people and it also have the comparative study of male and female characters to Annelise who are suffering more in society



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Gohar Aageen, & Dr. Shazia Razzaq. (2023). Abnormal Characters In Urdu Short Stories Of 21st Century. Dareecha-e-Tahqeeq, 3(3), 36–54. https://doi.org/10.58760/dareechaetahqeeq.v3i3.51