Academic And Literary Services Of Daim Iqbal Daim "A Research Review"


  • Dr. Aamar Iqbal
  • Dr. Mazhar Iqbal Kalyar



This study highlighted the literary and poetry efforts of Daim Iqbal Daim. He spotted the love for his fields, hills, and plains in his poetry. He blended the traditions with new culture showing passion for patriotism and nationalism. Daim poetry consisted of Naat verses in all aspects with humbleness. Daim writings are in Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi and Persian on progressiveness with emphasizing on national, religious and ethical values.  He also contributed in Naat, Manqabat and Karbala Nama. Daim translated the Persian writings into Punjabi and Urdu. His efforts and also in islamic preaching as well as efforts in Pakistan Movement. Daim Iqbal wrote on multifaceted in poetry including Naat, Poem, Ghazal, Songs, Kafi, C-Harfi, Translation, Elegy and storytelling.



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Dr. Aamar Iqbal, & Dr. Mazhar Iqbal Kalyar. (2023). Academic And Literary Services Of Daim Iqbal Daim "A Research Review". Dareecha-e-Tahqeeq, 3(3), 104–113.