Modern Publication Of "Kuliyat-i Mohsin Kakurvi": Review And Trial


  • Dr. Arshad Mahmood Nashad



Na’at Poetry, Rang e Adab۔, Riza Nadeem Niazi, Noorul Hasan, Mohsin Kakurvi, Urdu Literature


Na’at is a distinguished poetry genre of Urdu literature. It started from the early days of Urdu poetry, but the early Na’at of Urdu could not get a gender identity despite the devotion and respect. Mohsin Kakurvi is the first poet of na’at who gave formal gender identity to na’at. His entire Na’atiya poetry was compiled by his worthy and scholarly son Maulvi Nurul Hasan. This Kulliyat was first published in 1905 after the death of Mohsin Kakurvi. Subsequently, a couple of photocopied editions were published. Despite this, it was always in demand but its availability remained difficult.Recently, a well-known publishing house of Karachi, "Rang-e-Adab Publications" has presented its modern publication, which is compiled by Riaz Nadeem Niazi. The editor has done this work of editing in a very quick and hasty manner due to which the form of Mohsin Kakurvi's poems has been distorted and many mistakes have been added. This article examines this modern publication and examines it by pointing out its errors and changes.



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