The Beginning And Trend Of Vagueness In Urdu Poetry


  • Umar Khan Awan
  • Dr. Saima Nazir



degeneration, linguistic, modern poetry, sixties, Ambiguity


In this research paper, an attempt has been made to understand the beginnings of ambiguity in modern Urdu poetry and to understand it as a phenomenon. The ambiguous narrative of the modern poem has been debated in the literary world for decades. In the movement of linguistic formations that started in the sixties, an attempt was made to express a new poetic expression by completely deviating from the tradition. The intellectual and stylistic changes in poetry during this period gave rise to serious problems of ambiguity in modern poetry. The movement of linguistic formations died out within a few years after its failure, but the trend of ambiguity in poetry continued. Therefore, the trend of vagueness has been studied under the intellectual degeneration in the contemporary situation. In this regard, the impact of European literary trends and modern socio-linguistic ideas on Urdu poetry has also been examined.



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Umar Khan Awan, & Dr. Saima Nazir. (2023). The Beginning And Trend Of Vagueness In Urdu Poetry. Dareecha-E-Tahqeeq, 4(4), 20–23.