The Unique Marriage Customs And Traditions Of Balochistan In Urdu Travelogues


  • Nazia Kanwal
  • Dr.Nadia Ashraf,



Ritual Bound., Primitive traditions, Types of marriages, Boundries of Creeds and Trends, Unique Traditions


 The region of Baluchistan, as a firmly gripped one by its rituals and burdened with the load of traditions and customs, is such an area that incorporates the valuable treasure of these values.  Urdu travelogues are not only the sources to highlight various themes but also the foundations to express all the aspects of a civilization and culture.These urdu travelogues stand at the top in revealing the culture of any region. This part of our country (the Baluchistan region) is still chained by rituals as well as repressed by the weight of conservatism, which is beyond one’s imagination. Urdu Travelogues represent the traditions and rituals of all the districts of Baluchistan in such a way. Consequently, all the cultural features of Baluchi civilization have turned into the movable and valuable source of information. As a result, the reader of Urdu travelogues gets dazed while going through such information. These travelogues have performed a great task in terms of conveying the full information to the readers about the backward and deserted region of Baluchistan which receives no interest of a common person. The Urdu travelogues have fully revealed Baluchistan to pop up the cultural portrait of this region. This is the great contribution of the writers of Urdu travelogues that they have highlighted Balochi traits, cultural aspects, civilization, religious affairs, habits and rituals by decorating the pages through the unique story of Baluchistan. Each leaf of this story dazzles the human mind. This area of our country is still helpless under the weight of traditionalism. This thesis has attempted to reveal and highlight the unique aspects of Balochi traditions, rituals and culture. The current study has also presented the detailed evaluation of Baluchi rituals that take place during the marriage ceremonies across the districts of Baluchistan.



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Nazia Kanwal, & Dr.Nadia Ashraf,. (2023). The Unique Marriage Customs And Traditions Of Balochistan In Urdu Travelogues. Dareecha-E-Tahqeeq, 4(4), 49–59.