Feminist Literature And Criticism


  • Dr. Sabina Awais




describes, demonstration, hegemony


Nisai Adab" describes the study of feelings, ideas and reflections of mental capability of women and its mirroring in literature. These feelings distinguish a woman from man and revealed her individualistic characteristics. Literature is a vivid manifestation of an era's social values and demonstration of a society in a region. It also shows ideologies and values which give a direction to a society. Women remains a victim of man's atrocities since centuries. She was persecuted and become the center of man's wrath. Due to her physical weakness she must accepts man's hegemony and could not drive her feelings according to her wishes. "NISAI ADAB" is the branch of literature specific to reflect women feelings in her writings. It gave opportunities to her to claim her right to speak and choose her wishes. persons who work for women rights claim that social, political and economical dependence make her subservient to man' ego. This article will struggle to highlight feminine aspects and ideas reflected in renowned novels, stories and critical commentaries.



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