Representation of Comical Traces In ‘Peter’s Articles


  • Babar Hussain
  • Muhammad Ramzan



comic, humour satire, seriousness


Born in 1898 to a learned family in Peshawar, Professor Ahmad Shah Bukhari became famous for his pen name Peter Bukhari. He was fluent in Urdu, Persian, Pashto and English. His correct pronunciation of the English language was famous.  Peter Bukhari’s writings on Urdu language and literature were simultaneously humorous with essays, excellent critical essays and excellent translations, but they were not limited to the genres of literature but also became experts in journalism (serious, sound and broadcasting). Also called a diplomat. The great thing about him  is that he does not allow his humour to be tainted with ridicule and satire. His humour is a pure mixture of  humour and sweetness . There is not so much bitterness in it that it becomes satire and there is not so much open humour that it falls with seriousness. His subtle humour comes from his unique perspective. In addition to Peter’s fascinating essays and translations, many of his books have been published. He was a brilliant speaker, present-minded and a tycoon whose many amusing and interesting things are known. Apart from reading in the hostel, in memory of the deceased, dogs, Mabel and me, many of his interesting articles and letters are especially popular among the readers.



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