‘‘Tahqeeq ka Fun’’, ‘‘Asool.e. Adbi Tahqeeq & ‘‘Urdu mei Asool.e.Tahqeeq’’:A Comparative Review


  • Babar Hussain
  • Ghulam Shabbir




independence, researchers, Masnavi


At this time in the world of Urdu literature, the first person whose name appears on the canvas of the mind is Dr. Gyan Chand Jain. Gyan Chand Jain Kashmar is the biggest name among the Urdu critics and researchers of Madhya Pradesh after independence. His book "Tahqeeq ka Fun" is a useful book to guide the researcher as Gyan Chand Jain covers all the important topics related to research and not only that but also explains it through examples. In this way Gyan Chand Jain continued to expand his field of research and he has collected research material in his famous work "Urdu Masnavi in ​​North India" with great diligence, scholarly taste and curious insight. He has also established a total of eleven chapters in this book. From his research he has made available three more unpublished works of Mir.  This research paper represents the comparative review of  ‘Tahqeeq ka Fun’  by Gyaan Chand with ‘Asool e Adbi Tahqeeq’ by Atash Durrani and Urdu mei Asool e Tahqeeq’ by M. Sultana Bakhsh.



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Babar Hussain, & Ghulam Shabbir. (2022). ‘‘Tahqeeq ka Fun’’, ‘‘Asool.e. Adbi Tahqeeq & ‘‘Urdu mei Asool.e.Tahqeeq’’:A Comparative Review . Dareecha-e-Tahqeeq, 2(4), 48–62. https://doi.org/10.58760/dareechaetahqeeq.v2i4.31

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