Tradition Of Script Recognition And The Distinctions Of Imtiaz Ali Arshi


  • Dr Syed Zamir ul Hassan
  • Dr. Ansar Abbas



Pen Prescription, Epigraphy, Organization, Manuscript ology, Manuscript, Script, Image, Imtiaz Ali Arshi, Human Civilization


When after traveling a long distance the human civilization on earth reaches the first rung of the ladder of enlightenment it aspires to harness the power of nature and the strong desire to pass on the experiences, mental and intellectual capital to the next generations becomes strong. The possible answer to which is searched in shapes and appearances. It is this image, the appearance, the painting which makes writing a top priority for a civilized world. Letter writing enjoys much importance in the East. Like other languages with the name of Urdu language there comes in the mind the image of a script. This is the language which is written in Persian script. Persian script is not only its essential factor but it is also its life blood. In view of the requirements of their language Urdu literary giants have been making many changes. The Persian book writers aromatized the garden of letter writing with the smell of aesthetic sense.  Letter recognition is a knowledge. Its popularity in Europe is less in comparison to that in the East. Excavation and its related research came into vogue. The researchers have started making attempts to read engravings on various buildings and to know about the mutual relation between different scripts. There are various writings on Egyptian oak, dry clay and fine membranes, in the ancient times.  Organization of all this information led to the founding a new art of letter recognition. In Urdu also, the experts of this art accessed these sciences by recognizing ancient manuscripts. In the field of script recognition, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, Hafiz Muhammad Sheerani, Hafiz Abdul Wadood and Dr.Waheed Qureshi are valuable personalities. Imtiaz Ali Khan Arshi is another name in the field of Script recognition who enjoys unique identity in this field. This study aims at resuscitating the dying tradition of script recognition and with the guidance of the script recognizers like Imtiaz Ali in crossing its milestone of school of thought with his guidance to smooth the way for future compilers and script recognizers.



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