Literary journalism in Pakistan: A History of Magazines


  • Mustafa Abbas
  • Dr.Samra Zameer


Lucknow, magazines, journalism, independence


Prior to the establishment of Pakistan, the centers of literary journals were Bambi, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Delhi, Lahore, and Bhopal. After independence, only one literary center came to Lahore in the part of Pakistan. Although Rawalpindi, Karachi, Multan, Peshawar had the status of big cities, and various magazines were also published from these cities, it is not possible to count any of them as epoch makers. Only magazines published from Lahore were nurturing the mentality of the people of Pakistan. However, after the creation of Pakistan, after being cut off from the literary center, there was a vacuum in the literary atmosphere of Pakistan. But the process of filling this gap stated and many magazines which were published from Lahore before independence were can be concluded from the above discussion that the role of magazines published before independence is more in the continuity of literary journalism in Pakistan. Which promotes literary journalism in Pakistan. This article covers the history of literary journalism and magazines in Pakistan.



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