Difference Between Linking Editing And Setting In Research And Editing


  • Mustafa Abbas
  • Dr.Samra zamir




standardization,, manuscripts,, research,, Editors


Editors need research in their field. That is, it is not possible to complete the completion stages of editing without the help of research. As if we could say that editing and research are like two sides of a river. Those who meet are neither separate nor separate from each other.Editing is that branch of literary research. In which the correct text is arranged through different manuscripts. That is, the knowledge and art of retrieving ancient writings and correcting and researching ancient writings is called editing.Sequence refers to the best standardization of the required text after collecting sources and credentials from potential sources, so that the text can be arranged in the light of research principles. This article deals with Difference between linking, editing and setting in research and editing



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Mustafa Abbas, & Dr.Samra zamir. (2023). Difference Between Linking Editing And Setting In Research And Editing. Dareecha-e-Tahqeeq, 3(3), 114–125. https://doi.org/10.58760/dareechaetahqeeq.v3i3.56

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