The Story Of The Revolution Of 1857, Oral By Contemporary Newspapers


  • Sana Haroon



achievements,, coverage, Journalism, newspapers


Urdu journals in the Indian subcontinent began in the second decade of the 19th century. At the beginning of Urdu journals, the British were laying their tentacles on India. Urdu newspapers and journalists highlighted the spirit of patriotism among Indians. The newspapers of that time gave full coverage to the freedom struggle of 1857. The achievements of The Indians were well played out. News of the defeat of the British was published across India. News of the victory and success of the Indians continued to be published. But when the war of independence was defeated, these journalists faced the atrocities of the British. Despite suffering at the hands of the British, the spirit of journalists did not diminish. Urdu journalism has played a very important role in the independence of the subcontinent. The nation will always remember the role of the stars of journalism who fight the Independence war with bravery.



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