Family Life In Muhammad Hafeez Khan's Novel "Adh Adhore Log": An Analytical Study


  • Zakia Khurshid
  • Dr. Atta Ur Rehman Meo



Pretense, Suffering, Allegation, Political Conflict,, FamilyLife


Muhammad Hafeez Khan occupies a prominent position in Urdu literature of the 21st century. He is a novelist, fiction writer, playwright, columnist, researcher, critic and poet at the same time. About thirty of his books have been published, including four novels; Adh Adhore Log, Kirknath, Mantara and Anwasi have been published. He has effectively portrayed the social and family life of the elite in the present era where the psychology of women and the tension of their family life can be clearly seen. Family life basically means married life of husband and wife. Family life constitutes a family, which is the basis of the social system. This small organization formed by husband and wife and children is the biggest link in the cultural life of man. This article discusses the family life in Mohammad Hafeez Khan's novel "Adh Adhore Log".



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Zakia Khurshid, & Dr. Atta Ur Rehman Meo. (2023). Family Life In Muhammad Hafeez Khan’s Novel "Adh Adhore Log": An Analytical Study. Dareecha-E-Tahqeeq, 4(4), 29–38.