Analytical Study Of Munir Niazi's Ghazal


  • Muhammad Ahmed Awan
  • Abdul Khalique



Chand., Intezar Hussain, Khana-e-Kaaba, Munir Niazi, Ghazal, Ghazal


In Munir Niazi's ghazal, the matter of love is not only the problem of the lover but also the turmoil of the lover's self. In the modern era, just as the woman gained freedom, the role of the lover also changed is beloved also aware there. The grief of loss does not only make the lover sad, but the beloved is also tolerant of sorrows. The lover respects the beloved. Beloved, on the other hand, is a figure of innocence and does not understand how to hide the secret of love. The chaos of the homeland and the sufferings of the nation are the main references of his poetry. The rich use of metaphors and symbols in Munir's ghazals illuminate different horizons of meaning. There, the image of individuality is also positive in the eternal decoration of the ghazal. After the riots and partition of 1947, new symbols and metaphors were created to portray the sad events of migration and the new contemporary problems.



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Muhammad Ahmed Awan, & Abdul Khalique. (2023). Analytical Study Of Munir Niazi’s Ghazal. Dareecha-E-Tahqeeq, 4(4), 39–42.