Bal-E-Jabreel's Taghzal: A Research And Critical Review


  • Dr. Muhammad Qamar Iqbal
  • Dr. Muhammad Yousaf Awan



Allama Iqbal, Nation, Proud, Poetry, Elegance, Bal-E-Jibreel, intellectual achievement, philosophy


Allama Iqbal completely changed the body of Ghazal. Thanks to Iqbal, today Urdu Ghazal is reaching the extremes of   development and all kinds of ideas are being expressed in it. Iqbal's ghazal is not a traditional ghazal. His beloved is the nation of Islam, humanity, the prophet and the person of Allah Almighty, Iqbal makes them beloved and speaks in such a way that a unique isolation is created in his ghazals. Allama was carrying the pain of the nation in his chest, so Bal Jibreel is also not free from this pain, but here all the ghazals and poems seem to be immersed in the pain of the nation. Allama has brought ghazal to its peak in Baal Jibreel and has grasped all kinds of colorful subjects in such a way that even in the precise and heavy problems of philosophy, he made them into ghazal by creating subtlety and elegance. And this is such a great artistic and intellectual achievement that not only Urdu poetry but the poetry of the whole world will continue to be proud of.




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Dr. Muhammad Qamar Iqbal, & Dr. Muhammad Yousaf Awan. (2023). Bal-E-Jabreel’s Taghzal: A Research And Critical Review. Dareecha-e-Tahqeeq, 4(2), 1–7.

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