Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi's Natiya Poetry : In the Contemporary Context of Seerat-Un-Nabi ﷺ


  • Farooq Hussain Shah
  • Dr. Fehmida Tabassum


naat, globalization, artificial intelligence, contemporary context, poetry, seerat, life of Prophet


The international community is currently facing innumerable problems. It is the responsibility of Naat poets to prematurely realize the challenges faced by the international community in general and Muslim Ummah in particular. It is necessary that the Prophet's biography, especially the sermon of Hajj Al-Wida, should be organized in an effective manner in Naatiya Poetry to convey the message of coexistence, tolerance, peace, and harmony. Naatiya Kalam should be created in the footsteps of Hazrat Hasan bin Thabit to fight back discourses against humanity. Such a naat which, like Allama Iqbal's Naatiya Kalam, may not be in the artistic style of traditional naat, but still spread its intellectual and ideological impact. Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi, although not a Naat poet in traditional sense, he also wrote Naatiya poetry and a Naatiya collection has come out in his lifetime under the name of "Jamal". After his death, this Naatiya collection has been republished under the name of "Anwar-e Jamal". This research article is an effort to examine Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi's Naatiya Kalam in the contemporary context.



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